Wednesday, August 18, 2010


What is Swap-bot?

Do you like sending and receiving snail mail? Do you like writing letters, making crafts, or putting together fun packages? You should try swapping! Swap-bot is a online service that organizes group swaps and a community of creative individuals. Swap-bot takes the hassle out of participating in group swaps by organizing all of the participant information and doing all of the partner assignments. On Swap-bot, you can host swaps, join swaps, and chat with other swappers from all over the world. Give it a try!

                                             I've done a few swaps on there and it was fun! I traded some artistic trading cards, buttons and fat quarters, blank recipe cards, a handmade stuffed heart, and a handmade tiny matchbox stuffed full of goodies. I must warn you.....just because you send something really nice, doesn't necessarily mean you will receive something just as nice. That is the risk you take with any swap....but you are able to have one on one swaps with people you may have swapped with and had liked what they'd sent you. I have done a few of those and received some really cool stuff. The pictures above are of an Artistic Trading Card I made and sent....I take photos of all the items I make and swap. The top pic is the front of the card and the bottom pic is the back of the card. The last picture is a matchbox I made along with handmade envelopes and other bonus items.  If you don't want to swap with strangers online, try it with one or a few of your family and friends. First make a questionnaire for everyone to fill out....ask them what their favorite colors, candies, songs, books, crafts, hobbies, etc. etc. are, then you can get together and agree on what to swap. For example, you may choose to swap 12 blank recipe cards, store bought or handmade....and along with it (as a bonus), send one of your own recipes and their favorite candy or tea or anything you think they may like to receive.  

Give it a try and Happy Swapping! :)


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