Sunday, August 1, 2010

Alcohol prep pads and double sided sticky tape.

For years we have been using shrink plastic over our windows to winterize our home, and inside those  plastic kits you get lots of alcohol prep pads and a big roll of double sided sticky tape. I keep the prep pads in my junk drawer and use them to remove sticky stuff off glass or to remove the prices that our local resale shop writes in marker on the bottom of any glass or plastic items I purchase. They are also handy for cleaning up a "boo-boo". Our junk drawer is in the kitchen so it's real easy to find them and you don't have to hunt through the medicine cabinet and get out the big bottle of rubbing alcohol and put it on a cotton ball.  Inside those plastic kits you get the double sided sticky tape....also in our junk drawer....great for removing pet hair from your clothes, craft projects, and getting the sticky goo off of stuff left behind by price tags.  Great for using in handmade cards and glue, less mess! If anyone has anymore uses for those items, please post them.

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