Thursday, August 12, 2010

Cool Magnets.

Here is an easy project for everyone.....magnets! 
Sure, you can buy pre-made magnets at the store, but why waste the money when you can make your own at a fraction of the save the planet by recycling items you would normally throw away. 
The items in the picture are magnets I made, and all you need is strong magnets, glue, and maybe some embellishments depending upon what kind of magnets you are creating. Don't waste your money on the weak magnets and magnet sheets, they don't hold up anything. Purchase a really good glue...Elmer's glue will not hold up well on magnets.  the best part of making magnets is all the things you can make them out of....bottle caps, milk jug caps, other lids and caps from food and drink jars, old costume jewelry, used gift cards,  metal campaign style button badges (with pin backs removed), fabric covered buttons, shells, rocks, and anything else you want to use. Mint tins can become magnets and a place to store items. They can also be spray painted and embellished.  In the picture above I used a Snapple lid, a cute picture of a cat, ball chain, a fish bead, glitter, and some Liquid Crystal lacquer....I also used it on the bottle cap.  The magnets with the pigs and bunny were 1 inch button badges...I removed the pins and glued on magnets. The button badges I had purchased from . 
Be creative and have fun making magnets! : )

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