Saturday, August 14, 2010

Easy t-shirt pillows.

       To make a t-shirt pillow, simply sew the sleeves and the bottom of the t-shirt closed, stuff with dacron/polyester fiberfill, and stitch neck closed. For a round pillow, cut off sleeves, turn the shirt inside out and stitch from shoulder to shoulder in a "U" shape. Turn, stuff, and stitch neck closed. You can also make a long sleeved or short sleeved pillow or cut the part of the t-shirt that you want to keep and sew it with a different piece of fabric to form a pillow.  Since t-shirt material is pretty flimsy, you may have to use interfacing on the inside part of the t-shirt to keep it firm and in place while sewing it to something like blue jean material. A few years ago my daughter and I made the pillows you see pictured. For the "Hello Kitty" pillow I used interfacing and the back of the pillow is from recycled jeans. I also removed the label from inside the t-shirt and sewed it on the side of the pillow. Some tags are too cute to throw away!  Happy pillow making! :)

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