Saturday, August 7, 2010

Getting Crafty With Vellum.

Vellum is a great paper to work with, you can print out pictures on it, make cards and invitations, use a stylus or needle on it to make etchings or pinhole art (like braille). My favorite way to use vellum is for making envelopes. Find a picture you like online, scan one of your favorite pics, or scan a pretty piece of fabric, then set your printer to the best setting and print it out on vellum. You must let the ink dry for about 30 minutes and place a clean sheet of paper card stock on top to keep it from curling up. The best place online to get free envelope templates:
Once you print and cut out your template on some card stock, you are ready to make your own envelopes. Fold all the flaps on the template. To make the flap creases, use a stylus and a ruler and make it on an old magazine because it is soft enough to make deep creases. When you are done with all the flaps use vellum tape to attach the sides and bottom may have to cut a strip of vellum tape in half to do those because the tape is a little larger than the flap area and you don't want sticky vellum tape getting inside the pocket area. Vellum tape is really sticky and a little hard to work with, but it is well worth it because it almost disappears on the vellum, unlike regular double-sided sticky tape.  Take another strip of tape and cut it in half again and place it on the top flap that you use to close the envelope...IMPORTANT!...DO NOT REMOVE the paper from tape. And there you have it, a finished envelope and pretty enough to make a few more, along with matching stationary that you can give as a gift.  I like to use up all of my printed vellum scraps. I take a piece of paper and a vellum scrap and with my paper puncher I punch out flower shapes, circles, and other things and I use them in scrap booking, as embellishment to my letters and envelopes, or save them for a future craft project.   Vellum can be used to pretty up a boring votive holder....print out your favorite pic, let dry, and wrap it around a votive holder and tape it closed in the back. Remember, be safe and never leave a candle lit and unattended and make sure that the vellum doesn't get near the flame.  One more thing about vellum...DO NOT USE GLUE on it! Glue makes it bumpy and wrinkled. 
Hint: You can also make envelopes out of magazine pages, scrapbook papers, and old comics....but use double-sided sticky tape and for the top flap apply "Lick & Stick" envelope glue. Apply the glue, let it dry, and it is ready to be's safe and non-toxic.
Be creative and have fun! : )

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