Friday, August 6, 2010

Button, button, who's got the button?

I've got the button!  I love buttons, you can do lots of things with buttons, other than using them to keep your shirt and pants on.  Use them to embellish scrapbook pages, hats, clothes, shoes. Glue them to a glass votive holder (the lighter in color the better for the light to shine through), draw black circles near the edge of big white buttons and let your kids use them as eyes on a face they draw on paper...the buttons can be moved around to make the "eyes" look crossed. If you have a collection of favorite buttons that you would like to view all the time, either sew or glue them to a pretty piece of scrapbook paper, quilted fabric, or a solid colored piece of fabric and place them in a framed shadowbox....make a romantic heart shape with them or just do each shadowbox in one group of colors.  Let kids make mosaics on buttons for grass, brown for a tree trunk and if you want flowers use some green yarn and place a pretty button at the top of it.
The classic “Button Buzzer” or “Buzz Saw”
It's simply a button or disk suspended between your two hands on a 30" loop of string. When the string gets twisted and you pull your hands apart, the button whirls, first in one
direction and then the other.    My favorite thing to do with my buttons is display them in jars....but now that I have found a 1 gallon "canning jar", I think I will fill it up with all my buttons. Just remember, WATCH your children around buttons, you never know if they will put them in their mouths and we DO NOT want ANYONE to choke on buttons!!!  : )

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