Sunday, August 8, 2010

Recycled fabrics and unfinished, stuffed dolls.

                      These stuffed dolls are the first and last ones I have made....and they are not even finished. They need smiles, and where I stuffed them needs to be sewn shut....I also have to sew the buttons on the one in purple and finish stuffing the leg on another. How many of you have started a project and never finished it? My guess is too many. 
I am no Martha Stewart on a sewing machine, but I thought I did okay for my first time...what do you think?  I like to doodle a lot, and the dolls you see pictured were made from ones I thought were cute enough to become dolls. I made up my own patterns by drawing out templates for a body, legs, and arms on card stock. I cut them out and labeled them so I would remember what templates go together for each doll I designed. The best part of making these dolls was finding the right fabrics to use and to get them at a cheap price. All the dolls were made from recycled clothing that I bought at my local resale shop. I laundered all of the fabrics in really hot water, including some sweaters, and dried them on high heat to shrink the fibers. After I clean my fabrics I cut off any buttons or zippers they may have and then I cut them into pieces big enough to use for future projects. The hair on a couple of them is made from recycled sweaters and the tiny dolls hair is made from felt. Why go out and pay a lot of money for fabric when all the fabric you need is in resale shops, yard sales, and from people getting rid of their old clothes. I will be making more dolls from my oodles of doodles....I just hope that I finish them when I do!  
Anyone can make something from their drawings....and it doesn't have to be made from fabric....try using clay, paper, metal, or any other medium you like.  Most important of all...have fun! : )
Jellyfish and small stuffed doll, (both unfinished!)

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