Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Easy to make dry erase boards.

This project is super easy! You just need a 12"X12" picture frame.... or any sized picture frame...be it plain or ornate, scrapbook paper or any paper you like or fabric, scissors, and a dry wipe marker and eraser. You can use them on your computer desk or kitchen counter as a "to do" list, grocery list, or ideas list. Put one in your craft room or kids room....change out the papers as often as you like....mix and match your decor. You can also embellish the frame with 3D images of butterflies, ribbon, or anything else you fancy. Hang one in your kitchen as a weekly menu...with a daily reminder in their sights, your family won't be bugging you, "what's for dinner?".  I'm sorry that I didn't take pictures of them hanging on my wall, I kept getting a glare from the windows....as you can see I got some from my camera flash. 
I hope this project gets your creative juices flowing.....Happy Crafting! : )

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