Sunday, March 11, 2012

Simple Ways to Organize Your Collection of Earrings.

Simple Ways to Organize Your Collection of Earrings.

So, your collection of sterling silver earrings is growing and you desperately need ideas on how to organize and store the earrings. You are also spending way too much time trying to find a matching pair of earrings in your jewelry box drawers and you are already late for work. Well, here are some tips that even those on a tight budget can follow.

1. By using a really cute wine glass, teacup, or even shot glasses if you are a collector, you can organize your earrings, by hanging your French hook earrings onto the cup or glass as display.

2. You can also use large or small buttons that can hold up to one or two pairs of earrings.

3. If you are lucky enough to come across a fireplace screen, they can be used as well for organizing jewelry. You can decorate the fire screen a new coat of paint, ribbons or buttons any thing that will add your own special flair to the item to compliment your bedroom or bathroom.

4. Mesh organizers from the office supply area of your favorite department or office supply store can easily be used for organizing a great many of your earrings.

5. With hoop earrings, you can lock the earrings together by placing the open hoop into the closed hoop and securing the clasp, thereby keeping each of the set together to prevent loss.

6. You can also staple either a piece of cross stitch fabric, lacy material or a window screen cut to fit to an old picture frame without the glass. Place your earring into the holes already provided and attach the back of the earring on the other side. This method also works wonderfully well for hook earrings.

7. Ice cube trays are also great for organizing and storing your earrings. Place a pair of earrings in each of the cube spaces. The trays are stackable and fit into most drawers.