Friday, September 10, 2010

Handmade vellum seed packets.

            Well, Fall is upon us, and so dies the beautiful blooms of summer...but their seeds remain...lets gather those wonderful treasures and save them in handmade seed packets. I took some pictures of my flowers and also found some pics online of flowers to print out on vellum. Just as I had mentioned in my posting about "getting crafty with vellum", the same rules apply...except, you don't need to seal the packet shut with vellum tape, you can just leave it alone and tuck the flap in...or use a sticker to seal the flap shut. I put my flower pic on Paint and added the word "Hollyhocks" in a framed box, it just looks nicer than adding a label to the front. I then found the directions for planting Hollyhocks and printed it out really small on some plain computer paper and placed it inside the packet. Make sure your seeds are dry before packing them.  You can find free seed packet templates online or use a template for ATC envelopes like I can find those at or www.mirkwooddesigns/
Don't just hoard all the seeds, give them as gifts to friends and family. They make great stocking stuffers, send them in a card, have a seed swap with others. 
Happy seed gathering! :)

Note: This was my first seed packet, I should have squared off the larger flaps to make it look nicer...I used an ATC envelope template and it was rounded.  If you want your picture to show up better, insert a plain piece of paper or one with instructions. I didn't cut my paper large's smaller than the picture...but you get the idea.