Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Make your own bookplates.


              When I was a kid I loved reading books like, "The Cat in the Hat" or "The Tales of Peter Rabbit"...and I especially liked those teeny, tiny, books like, "Harold and the Purple Crayon" or books by, Joan Walsh Anglund.  I use to own a few books and I would write my name inside the cover with a marker or crayon and it would look just awful! Oh how I wish I would've had a beautiful bookplate inside the covers of my books...well, I can't go back and fix my childhood scribblings...but I can make my own bookplates.  Making your own bookplates is easy. Find a picture that you like....something with an open space within the picture or a focal point. Scan your pic and make any corrections to it on your computer and then add a text box with your choice of font, font color and size.  Also add a blank line underneath it for someone to sign their name on.  When you're ready to print it out, make sure that you size it properly and you might want to print out a sample one to see if it is the right size and everything is to your liking. You can print it out on regular printer paper or you may use something that has more heft to it, like a parchment or cardstock paper. When you are done printing it out, allow it to dry then apply on the back of it some "Lick & Stick" glue....spread the glue all over and a little past your image that is on the other side. Let it dry over night and the next day cut out your bookplate and it is ready to be licked and placed inside the cover of your favorite book. "Lick & Stick" is non-toxic and works really well. If you don't want to use that, then try glue made for papers or use double-sided sticky tape.  Give bookplates as stocking stuffers or with books as gifts. You can also make matching bookmarks. What ever you do...have fun and be creative! You may use the bookplate I made above...I got that picture from one of my favorite books, "Enchanting", by Joan Walsh Anglund.  
Happy Crafting! : )

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