Saturday, September 18, 2010

Re-purposed tea infuser.

            I don't drink tea, but when I seen this tea infuser at my local resale shop for 25 cents, I had to get it!  When I shop I like to look at things "outside the box"....I like to visualize them as serving another purpose. Tea infusers can be used for keeping your clothes, drawers, and closets smelling nice. I use to put cottonballs with my favorite perfume on them inside my dresser drawers or somewhere in my closet, but sometimes the clothes in my dresser would get a yellowish stain on them from the cottonballs. I placed the cottonballs inside the tea infuser and now it doesn't leave stains and the air circulates through the infuser leaving a nice fragrance in my clothes. If you don't want to use cottonballs, try potpourri or some activated charcoal. The charcoal is good for pulling stinky smells out of closets with shoes and coats...or hang one under your bathroom sink. I don't recommend using the tea infuser for making tea again...please, use one for tea and one as an air-freshener. Well, I hope this is a helpful hint to some of you. I think it's a good idea. Check out your local resale shop and see things, "outside the box". Who knows, maybe you will find something to re-purpose...if you do, please share it with me!  
Have a great day! :0)