Friday, November 26, 2010

Sock Snowmen.

These snowmen are so cute and easy to make....also a fun group project! I taught a group of home-schooled kids how to make them and they loved it. As always, safety first...children should be supervised when using scissors and hot glue guns. 

*White tights, toddler size or larger (1 pair will make 6-8 snowmen), or baby socks.
*Polyester fiberfill, batting, or cotton balls.
* will need some to to tie off the body and maybe the hat.
*Fabric strips, ribbon, or yarn (for "scarf").
*Colored baby socks (1 sock makes 2 "hats").
*Hot glue gun or tacky glue.
*Nose: 1 round button with the shank removed...or use a 1/4 in. to 1/2 in. orange pipe cleaner.
*Eyes: Texas beads 5mm round or google eyes, permanent marker or acrylic paint.
*Optional: Earmuffs: about 3 in. pipe cleaner and 2 pom-poms.
*Additional yarn or string for hanging your snowman. You can also use an ornament hook put through the top of the hat. 

Step 1:  Fill the foot of a baby sock with fiberfill, tie shut above the ankle with string, trim off cuff. If using tights, cut 3 or 4 sections out of one leg to make 3 or 4 snowmen...cut to any size you like. The foot part of the tight you can stuff and tie off with a string. For sections without a foot part...turn inside out, tie one end closed, turn right side out, stuff and tie closed. If your snowman is too round, roll him between your hands and mold him into a sausage shape. 
Step 2:  Divide the snowman body into two sections by tying a strip of fabric, yarn, or ribbon around it for a scarf. Use a dab of hot glue under the scarf to hold it in place. You may use tacky glue, but it takes a while to dry.
Step 3:  Glue colored sock on top of snowman for a hat. If using the cuff part of the sock, tie it off at the top to make a "pom-pom".  You may also attach earmuffs or other embellishments.  
Step 4: Glue a button nose a little over the scarf and face...or use a pipe cleaner. Apply eyes.
Step 5: Give your snowman some personality! Glue buttons or tiny pom-poms down the front of it, add earmuffs, a flower shaped button, hearts, snowflakes, or scrapbook embellishments. 
Step 6: Finish it off with a hook or string to hang. 

Have fun and be creative! :0)
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