Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Flower girl plant pokes.


                     This week I was cleaning out my craft room and came across a craft project that my daughter and I did several years ago. If you have young daughters or granddaughters, this is a fun project to do together.


*Wooden or bamboo skewers.

*Wooden or glass beads that will fit the skewers.  (the bead that is under the "skirt" should fit very snug or you may have to glue it. The beads that are the "body" do not have to fit snug. We used different sized wooden beads)

*For the "head", a wooden bead that already has a painted face on it, or you can paint your own faces. We used both.

*Artificial flowers that you take apart.

*Low-temp hot glue gun.

*Children use adult supervision!

        Glue the head on top of the skewer...if you want to place a "crown" or "hat" on top, leave a little bit of the skewer exposed to glue it onto. This is the fun part...assembling the girls dress. It takes about 2 or 3 beads of different sizes to make the body, but they fit in between the petals that make up the dress. Use the different parts of the artificial flowers to make a "crown" or "hat"...also use some of the plastic parts as a bodice under the "skirt" to make it fluff out more or to give it shape..(as pictured below). After you finally get your flower girl the way you want it to look, finish it off with a small bead under the "skirt"...push it up so everything is tight and in place. If your bead doesn't stay in place, glue it. There you have it, a flower girl plant poke...just place is a potted plant. 

           My daughter and I had hours of fun making up our own petal dresses, but now that she is an adult, I miss those days of crafting with her. Oh you can have fun making them with someone special.  Happy Crafting!


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