Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Having fun with "Barbie Knit Hits".

Here is an older toy...from the 1990' was my daughters, I am saving it for when I have grandchildren...or whenever I feel like playing with it myself.  I think it's really important that you keep some of your kids toys and collectibles for them or their children. I wish my mother wouldn't had thrown away my first teddy bear I had received when I was born...sure it was missing an eye and the satin in the ears had been just about rubbed away, but I LOVED that teddy and it was my best friend! I came home from school one day to find that she had got rid of it without asking me first. Please parents...if you weed out your kids stuff...or if they bag up some of their things to get rid of...go through it all and pack away what you think is important to you and your kids. What you or they think is garbage may actually be something you may miss once it's gone.  I may have kept the barbie Knit Hits for my future grand-kids, but nowhere is it written that I can't play with it!    FUN! FUN! FUN!
Be a kid again and play with some toys!  :0)

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