Saturday, July 31, 2010

Okay, for those who like doing crafts and would like a crafty idea, this
is for you. If you like some fun, funky, and/or useful art for your
garden or yard, try this. You will need a glass vase, glass plate or
bowl or a cup and saucer, glue for glass, about a 2' to 3' long copper
pipe that you can get at Home Depot.
The pipe must be able to fit inside
the vase. Glue the vase to the center bottom of the plate or bowl and
let it dry for 24 hours. When it's done drying, place your copper pipe in the ground as deep as you like and then slide the vase over the pipe. There you go, instant bird feeder, birdbath, or just a pretty decoration for your yard. You could also place a candle in or on it. Glue glass marbles or beads or even an old glass figure onto the plate... for a different look. You can even stack different saucers and cups making a tower. I will post a picture later of the one I made.

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